Delphi by Fabian Wohlfahrt


Describe your idea!

Delphi is a tool to uncover the interconnectivity of topics via images from Wikipedia.

It crawls a wiki page and it’s links to other wiki pages in every available language. The links are used to crawl the new page again and get new links to other wiki pages. That way travels several levels of Wikipedia. The images of every page are displayed randomly, but sorted by depth. You can mix topics by simply starting a new search query.

Had this in mind since my diploma, where I researched the impact of images without a language context.

How did you start?

Searching the wiki api on how to get different links and how to grab images.

Which difficulties did you face?

Which technologies did you use?

Gulp / Nunjunks / Jquery

Who is your favourite creative developer / studio?

Ingo Lemper

Philipp Wilhelm Schäfer

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