Ranno Ait

18. May 2018

You designed and developed many personal websites for artists, designers, illustrators and photographers. How do you usually work with personal websites?

Its always very different. Sometimes the person I’m working with knows very well what he/she wants it to be, the other time its the other way around. As with every project I like to propose something in the beginning and then to work and collaborate on the design. Ideally the final outcome is something me and the person didn’t expect to happen.

Can we talk about web design/development æsthetic movements? Do you foresee any — more or less established — strands?

I guess we can talk about both to a certain point. Mid 00s skeumorfism and early 10s “flat” that come in to my mind right now.

For me personally, it has never been about certain aestetics for web. I have a graphic design background (and still calling myself a graphic designer despite mostly working for the screen and writing code) and tend to look everything visual/material in a broader context. That being said I think the web has the same strands as graphic design has or the general zeitgeist. At least I want to think this way. What I’m also thinking is that may-be the aesthetical movements or the look/feel of different sites also comes from how designers/developers think of a website. Is it a user interface, an object or both?

How much development technologies and tools affect the project in terms of design?

Alot. It either gives you constraints or new possibilities.

How do you approach new development technologies? How do you keep up to date and expand your skills and knowledge?

It’s become very hard to keep up to date with the latest technologies when you get a new framework every day. When I have spare time I try to catch up with them or use them in a new project straight away, nut I’m also being cautious.

What are your key objectives when designing/developing a website?

For the work to mediate a general idea, personality and attitude in all the details. If possible—have some humor in it.

What are in your opinion the most important and interesting repository, tools or technologies?

I don’t really know, but I’m very curious about this at the moment.