New Skin


DevChallenge: New Skin

The brief: Use the Word­press REST-API to create an experi­mental, new view of crazy­cool­ Get creative with the inter­views or challen­ges and give the con­tent a new skin.

Publish your project on any hosting and send your sub­mission as a link to the face­book-group. Be bold, think new. Get creative!

We are aiming to use the results of this challenge as an inspiration for the site redesign in the next year. The deadline is August 20th 2018.

You can get all the post-data from this endpoint: Note: The text-layouts are built with Advanced Custom Fields, a plugin for Wordpress that enabled us to create complex datastructures. You can access the data from ACF through the acf-field in the JSON-object returned from any endpoint.

If you need any help with the Wordpress REST-API check the ressources below or ask your question in the facebook-group.

Good luck, have fun!